Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

680 Silver Star Boulevard
Scarborough, ON

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant used to be located at Steeles Avenue East maybe a year ago, they moved to this new location and expanded. I've been to the old location and the seafood was fantastic but the service was horrible. They were rude, pushy, and tried to up sell you on everything.

Look at this monster!

I recently revisited FLCR for my father's birthday at their new location. We went for lunch on a Wednesday and it was surprisingly full. Honestly, who eats a whole lobster meal for lunch?! (We were pressed for time and there were only a few days left until my dad left for Shanghai.)
We got the special but changed up some items so we could get the infamous lobster tower! So the following dishes may seem sparse and unappetizing.

We started off with E-fu Noodles with Lobster Broth. The noodles were bland and tasteless on their own, the true flavour came from the broth but it wasn't anything special.

Then came the Plain Congee and the boiled Green Veggies, both we bland with no seasoning.

The Fried Rice with Clams and Lobster Roe was next. I found it too fishy tasting and somewhat greasy.

The star of the meal was the lobster!  Lobster Claws & Legs in Hong Kong Style, deep-fried with chili, garlic and served on a bed of fried baby fish. The mountain of lobster was incredibly impressive  and incredibly delicious.  This 8 pound beauty fed 5 of us and we were beyond stuffed at the end of the meal, we took the rest of the tower home.

FLCR only accept cash payments so bring lots of cash because your bill will be pretty high at the end of your meal. I would probably only come back for an extremely special event. I would only recommend ordering the seafood dishes, everything else on the menu is mediocre at best.

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