Fugu Truck

Fugu Truck is one of the best food trucks I've ever tried, conjuring up delicious Asian street food. It was all luck that Satya and I would stubble upon Fugu, we were walking around the Prudential and I felt a little peckish but it wasn't quite dinner time yet but I really wanted a snack. Satya spotted some food trucks across the street so I just had to head over and take a look. Three trucks were parked and our choices were Chicken and Rice, the Taco Truck and Fugu.


The Braised Pork Belly Buns really stood out to us and we got an order, $6 for 2.  We took our first bites and we both fell in love. The buns were steamy hot, the pork belly was incredibly tender and the pork fat literally melted in our mouths.  

They were honestly so good that we just had to get another order. We just sat there in awe of how good these little buns were, I could've eaten 10 in a sitting.

If we didn't have dinner waiting for us at home we would have ordered the whole menu but we sadly departed and went home. The pork buns were on our minds all night and we decided to follow the Fugu Truck to their lunch destination the next day, die-hard fans.
This time we got two orders of the Pork Belly Buns and a Cold Noodle Salad (noodles, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, your choice of sesame or peanut sauce, chicken, pork or tofu and how spicy you like your noodles) to share.

The noodles were also very good but the pork buns were still the favourite.
Sometimes I wish I could fit more food in my stomach but we were absolutely stuffed after all the food and didn't have enough room for anything else.

The Fugu Truck is a definite must try if you're in the Boston area and I'll be missing this truck while I'm in Toronto.

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