Come and Get It

170 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON

I've always wanted to try Come and Get it but never really had the chance to so last week I made an effort to head over to China town. I arrived around 11:30am and it was quite quiet, there was only another couple sitting across from me but that quickly changed when 12pm struck.

Come Get It serves up sandwiches, poutines and salads. The concept of the menu is unique, one protein served up three different ways.

The chipotle braised short ribs really caught my eye, braised short rib with ancho chili BBQ sauce, crispy onions, sweet and sour coleslaw and chipotle aioli. The short rib was tender, juicy and the sandwich was perfectly messy. The combination of the slaw also helped cut through the fattiness of the beef. I was stuffed 3/4 of the way through the sandwich, my favourite part was the crispy onions.

Come and Get It is a great sandwich place and I have yet to try their poutine and salad but they sound absolutely delicious. I'll probably make another visit with more people so I can try other combinations!

Awesome utensil holders.

One thing that I love about this place is that they are very environmentally friendly, with recycling bins throughout the place, spoons and forks are made out of potato so they are biodegradable and the takeout containers are paper not styrofoam. They also have free wifi.

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