Rodney's Oyster House

469 King St West
Toronto, ON

Kevin took me out to a pre-birthday dinner, we headed over to Rodney's Oyster House because we were both craving oysters and they open till 12am (I get finish classes at 9pm). We arrived around 9:45pm and it was still packed with business people and couples which was surprisingly up lifting. The decor was very touristy and casual.

Our main objective were the oyster but we couldn't just eat oysters for dinner, well we could but it wouldn't seem right or very dinner-y so we decided to share everything.

The Steamed Mussels, $14, arrived first and we literally devoured them in less than 5 minutes. The broth was a light creamy, garlic-y broth was absolutely delicious, we used the complimentary bread to soak up all broth.

We also got the Lobster Club for $23, it came with huge onion rings. The club was packed with lobster and bacon, how could you go wrong? It was amazing.

And our feature of the night, the oysters.

There isn't a menu for oysters and we didn't really know how to order them so the waitress just brought us a variety of them. We got 1 dozen to share but I could've eaten 1 dozen myself!
Our selection included: Kusshi (Vancouver), Village Bay (New Brunswick), Onset (Boston), Marina Top Draw.

We loved all the oysters, super fresh and sweet. The oysters came with an array of sauces like a simple mignonette, different hot sauces, cocktail sauces to just lemon and horseradish.

The giant snow crab that waved us goodbye!

All though everything was good, Rodney's is the place to go for oysters and I will definitely be back.

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