Le Cafe Michi

1802 Pharmacy Avenue
Toronto, ON

Cafe Michi is somewhat hidden, located in a little plaza in Scarborough, you would never think such a small hidden restaurant serves up such fresh and delicious sushi. I've heard a lot of good things about Cafe Michi but when my mom's Japanese friend recommended even she was eager to try it. Cafe Michi is the sister restaurant of the famous Kaji restaurant in Mississauga, supposedly Kaji trained the sushi chef here.

I knew I was going to order something with sashimi or sushi, as I scanned the menu everything seemed to be a bit pricy but luckily I was with my mom (bank of mommy)! Both my mom and I got the Chirashi, $28, but it comes with salad, tea or coffee and a slice of cake!

The combination of seafood seems to be quite ordinary but the quality of fish was so fresh, everything was sweet and melted in my mouth. My favourites were probably the scallop, snapper (which I usually hate) and salmon. It doesn't seem like a lot of food but after the cake I was stuffed.

My cousin got Chyu-chin Bento, $23. It came in a 3 tier bowl. On top was the karaage (fried chicken) in a peanuty sauce (words of my cousin). 2nd layer was 2 pieces of some of the best red snapper, salmon and tuna. In the final contained a bowl of unagi (eel) on a bed of rice.

He's a big foodie and he definitely approved.

My uncle for the Pork Katsu Curry,  there was a choice between regular and large but he just got the regular.  I didn't get to try any but no words came out of his mouth while he ate which means one thing, too good to take a break to talk.

My aunt the Seafood Udon, she said it wasn't anything special.

All the meals also came with your choice of cake, we got to choose from 6 different flavours.
I got the tofu cheesecake and both my cousin and I thought it was the best cake choice out of all three.

Smooth, silky and light.

This one was the green tea with red bean, this one was good and full of delicious green tea flavour.

Lastly was the sake chocolate cake, this one was my least favourite cake mostly because I'm not a fan of alcohol.

Le Cafe Michi is definitely worth trying, more expensive compared to most Japanese restaurants but you pay for what you get, The quality of the food is superb. I would rather eat less mediocre Japanese food and save up for expensive but delicious sushi.

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  1. These cakes are not the common cakes that children are so fond of. So eating them would not make one worry about their tooth starting to ache.

  2. Wow, they look so appetizing. It reminds me of the restaurant at the hotel I stayed in during one of my business trip in Japan. They serve delicious and tasty foods.