The Wedding Cake Shoppe

859 College Street  
Toronto, ON

As a baker, I've always wanted to visit The Wedding Cake Shoppe but I never had the chance because it's so far from home. But this past Friday everything changed, I received a tweet from @weddingcakeshop telling me I won 6 cupcakes by just following them. Yup, every week they give out 6 cupcakes to one of their followers, how great is that?!

I love the mismatched tables and the cute frilly light fixture, somewhat simple in decor to show off all the products & cakes. When I arrived around 1pm there was about 8 - 10 flavours to choose from and the girl that served me was super nice and patient while i tried to figure out which ones i wanted.

In the end I ended up with these flavours, from top left going clockwise: red velvet, passion fruit, dulce de leche, raspberry rapture, baked raspberry cream cheese & carrot cake.

I have to saw these have been hands down the best cupcakes I've ever had, my favourite was the carrot cake. I'm normally a sucker for carrot cake but this one was super moist, light, fluffy and not too cinnamon-y. The cream cheese frosting was really good too, not too sweet.
But seriously. All the cupcakes were really good and I would recommend everyone to make a trip down to The Wedding Cake shoppe.

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  2. Cupcakes are my favorite! My husband and I were planning to include cupcakes in our menu in catering suffolk for our wedding.

  3. It looks simple but yummy cupcakes! I also wish that I can eat yummy cupcakes like these at hamptons bed and breakfast .

  4. For me no cupcakes is simple. I really love chocolate cupcakes that have custard fillings inside. On all the long island weddings I've been to, cupcakes are the best dessert I have aside from the wedding cake.

  5. These cupcakes look delish! I bet many people would be happy seeing cupcakes in our coming party this weekend! I heard, they suggested cupcakes to be part of the party menu.

  6. These cupcakes look absolutely delicious! I'm having a wine & cupcake party this weekend, I hope I can order this as soon as possible. By the way, you should try these cupcakes with high quality wine! They taste perfect, specially if you've chosen the right wine!

  7. The Wedding Cake Shoppe's totally awesome. My friend won their cupcakes too! I was so glad I had a taste of it. I was so inspired with their delicious treats that I decided to start a bakery too!

  8. I've tasted their cupcakes when my sister and I went there to look for her wedding cake, and it's heavenly! I haven't tasted the wedding cake itself, but it's absolutely gorgeous. I wish they cater foods too so we wouldn't have to hire one.

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