The Melting Pot

125-135 York Blvd.
Richmond Hill, ON

I've been to The Melting Pot before when they first opened their door for the chocolate fondue. They were getting rave reviews and it seemed like everyone wanted to eat fondue.
When I went for the chocolate fondue, we were quite disappointed so I haven't been back until last night.
It was Cherry's birthday and she decided to go to The Melting Pot because it was the closest to home that would take a reservation (The Keg doesn't take resos on the weekend even for a big group on 15. I have no idea why).

We got a big long table that sat all 15 of us with 6 fondue pots to share. We had to split into groups of 3 per pot, luckily my friends are quite easy going and it was easy to decided on a flavour. Cherry, Sau and I shared the Spinach & Artichoke Cheese Fondue and our neighbours, Matt, Jason and Mandy got the Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue. For the Swiss Cheese Fondue, they got it made with vegetable broth because the waitress warned us it might taste bitter if it was made with the white wine base, I really liked both.

The cheese fondues come with different types of breads, granny smith apples, & some veg (broccoli, cauliflower & carrots) for the dippers and these are limitless.

The downside of the fondue experience is that we had only one waitress to make all 6 pots of fondue so by the time the last pot was made, the group who got their fondue made first was practically finished. That I do not understand. I understand that you go to The Melting Pot for the "experience" but really? At least have 3 people making our fondues at the same time.
Our whole group just got cheese fondues to share and the waitress seemed a little annoyed that none of us were getting entrees.

After the cheese fondues, a bunch of us for chocolate fondues. Our group got the Chocolate S'mores, we requested no nuts because of a nut allergy and they were really accommodating with the request. We mainly got fruits for our dippers because of the nut allergy.

But when I asked if we could have more strawberries, they said we would have to pay another $3.00. Three dollars for strawberries?! In the end we didn't get more dippers and just have a giant pot of chocolate left over.

Also I don't understand how people can eat the 4 course fondue menu, I was plenty full after the cheese fondue.
Overall I don't think I'll be back anytime soon.

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  1. hahaha you must have asked for many bread, chips and veggie refills to stuff yourself... They should charge you 3$ for more bread as well.

    1. haha! between the 3 of us we probably finished a whole loaf a bread!