Street Food Friday

707 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Last Friday Philip and I headed to Street Food Friday! Basically Market 707 is in partnership with Food Truck Eats and are hosting monthly Street Food Friday events (every 3rd Friday to be exact).

They even have little chairs and tables along the sidewalk, how convenient and considerate!
Most of the vendors here share a storage container, there's probably 5 containers, and such a wide variety of different cuisines.

Philip and I didn't know where to begin so we scoped out all the different vendors and read all the items on the menu before deciding.

For my first choice I decided to try out some Latin cuisine from Ceviche 707, I got the Tostones with guacamole and pulled pork.

I'm pretty sure this is my first time having Latin food but I'm sure there's better, it wasn't anything special. But the shrimp ceviche looked really good so I might try that next time!

Not only were there the storage containers there were also food trucks! Philip got the Mole Braised Short Rib Taco from Gourmet Gringos. It took quite a long time for them to produce it and it wasn't like they were swamped with order either.

But boy was it worth the wait! It was probably the best taco I've ever had! The beef was perfectly braised, so tender. I didn't even mind the onions, I'm usually not a fan of raw onions but the crunch and freshness just enhanced the taco. Yum!
Gourmet Gringos on Urbanspoon

After that we headed to get some Filipino food, what drew me here was the Halo Halo. Look at all the different ingredients, from corn kernels to tapioca, dulce de leche flan, nata de coco and a bunch of other sweet treats all topped with evaporated milk. But after a while the concoction just got a little too sweet for both of us. Philip wanted to try Lechon Kawali which is basically pork belly that's fried until crispy, honestly it just tasted like 烧肉 (siu yuk) but not as salty.

Kanto on Urbanspoon

Last but not least we headed to Per se for their combo platter which included a Jerk Chicken Sandwich and two Shrimp Tacos.
By this point I was pretty stuffed but still found a way to eat 1 of the tacos and half the sandwich. The shrimp taco was really fresh and light. The jerk chicken wasn't spicy enough, it just tasted like grilled/blackened (not in a bad way) chicken, nothing special.

This is a nice change to the typical night markets where it's so cramped with garbage all over the floor. I will definitely try to make my way down again.


  1. Looks very tempting. I wished my dentist willeton didn't advised to stay away from sweet and cold food for a week. I would love to see how that Filipino food called "halo halo" taste like.

  2. The street food in Toronto will be an excellent comfort food for me, specially the desserts. Too bad I have to skip that part because my dentist has been advising me for six months now, to lessen sweets.

  3. Jae Monica, of course your dentist would advise you that. If I were you, I'd do as he says otherwise he'll advise you to buy expensive dental supplies to cure your tooth decay which you could possibly suffer from. Good luck in resisting that [literally] sweet temptation!

  4. I'll eat all the sweet stuff I could find out there. I wouldn't mind that I'm in a low-cal diet, I just miss Toronto street food!

  5. What a street food fiesta! I'm sure my dentist would not mind if I try eating at that street food bazaar while I am wearing an Invisalign.

  6. With all of those delicious treats, one must have a reliable dentist nearby. It would be too sad not to enjoy those goodies all the way til the end of the day.

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