Unionville Co. Restaurant

Unionville Co. Restaurant
175 Main Street Unionville
Markham, ON
(905) 944-9463

Had a girls only dinner here a few days ago, I've been here before but wasn't that impressed so I didn't have any expectations this time around. There were about 9 of us and we got seated at the back right beside the kitchen, which wasn't a problem because the inside of the restaurant is pretty small (looks much bigger from the outside).

Okay. You guys should really know a few things that really annoy me when I'm out for dinner.

1. If service is bad than automatically the food points go down. I absolutely hate bad service.
2. I hate eating in the dark, I know it's supposed to create a mood and atmosphere of intimacy but it's not fun not knowing what you're eating.

A couple of my friends and I were a little early so we got seated and looked at the menu while waited for everyone else but we weren't even offered anything to drink even though the majority of us were there.  We had to waved down our server a lot of the time.

Okay. I forgive him a tiny bit because he was also the bartender and the restaurant was kind of busy for a Thursday night but if you expect a good tip I expect to have at least decent service.

So a few of us got some appetizers to share.

Cod-Crab cakes served with a spicy guacamole sauce, $12.99. Everyone loved the crab cakes, they were moist and pan fried, only complaint I had was I wish they were bigger!

Arancini italian rice balls filled with sausage, cheese and served with a tomato basil sauce, $9.45.
Nicely deep fried, hot, creamy and I wish I had a whole ball of these.

I got Vongole spaghetti, baby clams, tomato parsley, olive oil, white wine, basil.

I liked my meal, the pasta was cooked well with nice flavours and I would order this again.

Jess got the Mushroom white pizza and it had mozzarella, tomato, goat cheese, basil for $15.59. Both Carmen and I really liked her pizza, it had a super thin crust with a nice combination of flavours.

Sau got the Pollo rigatoni which has roast chicken, bacon, broccoli, parmesan, cream. She said there wasn't enough sauce.

Overall it was a good dinner but it would have been even better if our server was more attentive.  We weren't even asked if we wanted dessert, tea or coffee!

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