Old Country Inn Restaurant

Old Country Inn Restaurant
198 Main Street
Unionville, Ontario
L3R 2G9

Old country inn is located on Main Street and one of the only non Italian restaurant there. I remember coming here a lot when I was young for family dinners but all of a sudden stopped (reasons unknown). I decided to check it out once again since Satya wanted to try schnitzel.

Such a cute house and the interior is super old fashioned but I wouldn't want to see it any other way. We sat beside a wall of windows and right under a giant sky-light, I loved natural lighting!

I got the Rindsgulasch mit Knödel which is cubed rump roast simmered Hungarian style served with dumplings. I wasn't impressed with this dish at all, the meat was dry and I wasn't wow-ed by the flavours; everything on the plate seemed a little bland.  I finished my dish but I left unsatisfied, the whole time I was eating I was just staring at Satya's sandwich and tried to sneak in a bit every time he wasn't looking.

Satya got the schnitzel sandwich, the chicken was super crispy and piping hot and the kaiser bun was crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The only complaint was that the sandwich as a whole was kind of dry, it needed some sort sauce and our solution was putting some of the coleslaw in the sandwich it's self; it made it 10x yummier!  I would definitely order this again. Did I mention how good the coleslaw was? It was the perfect balance of flavours, not too vinegar-y and the cabbage had a nice crunch to it.

I would definitely come back and get the schnitzel!

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  1. Old Country Inn looks like a cool place to hang out and eat! That Rindsgulasch mit Knödel just made me very hungry.

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