Loui's Kouzina

Loui's Kouzina
9255 Woodbine Ave
Markham, ON

I can say Loui's Kouzina is probably the best Greek restaurant in the GTA, it's not a franchise, it's just a simple family run restaurant. There's a home-y, warm feeling as soon as you walk in, you're immediately greeted by super friendly hostesses.

We got the fried Kalamari to share, it was light, crispy, the squid was perfectly cooked and not chewy. There was a side of tzatziki to dip and I usually drown it in the sauce cause I love tzatziki but honestly this calamari didn't need anything but a spritz of lemon juice.

My sister and Chris both got the "large plate" chicken souvlaki dinner, it came with two sides (fries, rice, roasted potatoes or mixed vegetables) of your choice and a Greek salad. They both loved their dinner, I don't think I can stress how happy Chris was with his dinner, he just kept saying "I didn't know Greek food could be this good!".

The waitresses/hostesses were incredibly accommodating, both Chris and my sister are lactose intolerant and they forgot that Greek salads always have feta cheese. My sister asked them if they could re-make one because of the cheese, the waitress sounded a little annoyed at first and told my sister she should have said something before cause now they would have to throw out the whole salad but made a new salad none the less. Chris started scraping the feta off and the waitress asked if he wanted a new one too and Chris it was okay and started explaining that he was allergic to cheese, the waitress quickly grabbed the salad and said they would make a new one but in a super nice, concerned way.

I got the Moussaka which is kind of a Greek shepherd's pie (I hope I don't get shot for saying that) and it was served with a Greek salad. There are layers of potato, ground beef, zucchini and egg plant topped with a b├ęchamel sauce. I love moussaka and try to order it every time I see on a menu. This one was delicious, super flavourful without being salty but I thought the beef was a tad dry.

Next time you're in the mood for Greek food, head over to Loui's cause you won't be disappointed but make sure you make a reservation if you come on a weekend for dinner cause every time I pass by, it's pretty packed. I've also read great things about the homemade dips they have so I guess I'll have to try it out for myself next time!

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