Hana-Bi Sushi

Hana-Bi Sushi
3255 Highway 7 East
Markham, ON L3R

Alittle restaurant located at First Markham Place which probably could only seat about 30 people. Also the owners are Korean but I guess a lot of Japanese restaurants now are owned Koreans.

The tiny sushi bar.

Satya ordered the crispy spicy roll (spicy salmon, avocado, tempera bits topped with a sweet teriyaki sauce) & shrimp tempera roll. He thought the crispy spicy roll was really good but the shrimp tempera roll was meh, nothing special.
Both rolls in above picture, I wish they separated the rolls so we knew which one was which (they kind of just mashed both rolls together.

I ordered the tempera udon and I loved almost everything about it, how they separated the udon from the tempera (keeping the tempera crispy), how flavourful the broth is and how incredibly hot the broth and noodles were. I would definitely would recommend ordering if you're a noodle person like myself.
Tempera was hot and crispy but not the best I've ever had. Also it came 10 minutes before my noodles which kind of annoying.

 My mom had the chirashi sushi, lovely presentation and fresh fish. What else can you ask for?

Near the end of our meal, they gave us a complimentary tempera salmon roll, which was not that appetizing in my opinion. Also it didn't make up for the slow service, it took them quite a long time to get our bill and we also had to ask two different waitress' and remind one of them twice.

Overall a decent sushi place to come to but wouldn't be on my top 5 picks.

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