Amadeus Fine Cakes

7380 Bathurst Street
Thornhill, ON
L4J 7M1

The first time I heard about this place was when I was talking to my boss about different pastry shops in the area, she named a couple but this one and Le Délice Fine Cakes were the ones I wanted to check out the most because they specialize in European desserts and pastries.

After dinner tonight I really wanted some desserts but not your typical crepe from Demetres or chinese desserts, not even bubble tea; I wanted something decadent. I quickly went home and googled the closing times for each shop, first I looked up Le Délice and saw that they were already closed (they close at 7pm and at that time it was nearly 8:30pm) so I checked out Amadeus and I was so excited to see that they close at 10pm! I quickly shoved my mom and aunt into the car and off we went.

We walked into a large bright store with about 4 tables of two, one large bar table seating about 6 and a large display case taking 95% of the back wall. I didn't really take any pictures because as soon as I whipped out my camera, the nice man told me I couldn't take any pictures. They have A LOT more pastries in their showcase than they do online.

I stood there for about 10 minutes deciding on what I wanted cause I wanted to try everything! We finally settled on 3, I got the "Harmony" which is soft walnut meringue with light coffee cream and chocolate with crispy walnut. My favourite part of mine was the little pieces of nuts in the middle, it was a nice contrast to the soft everything else. Too sweet for my taste buds tho, I would definitely recommend ordering a tea or coffee with your dessert.

My mother got the "Hazelnut meringue" which is two layers of hazelnut meringue sandwiching a chocolate/hazelnut cream. The meringue was nice but the cream was too hard, either they put a lot of gelatin or we should've eaten it at room temperature for the cream to soften. Either way I don't think I would order it again, it was just too simple and again too sweet. If I wanted a meringue cake I would go to Maxim's, they have a fabulous almond meringue cake with whipped cream and fresh fruits! (one of my favourite Asian cakes)

My aunt ordered the "Duet", a soft coconut meringue with coconut mousse, diced pineapple and praline cream. Again too sweet, and nothing too special.

I brought home some fatty snacks; I got a hazelnut macaron and a pistachio cookie.
Nothing special here.

Overall all the desserts were too sweet and too old school for me (even my mom said their tiered cakes looked very old fashion), there weren't enough tables and chairs but they do have a wide selection of pastries, cakes, tarts and cookies. I don't think I will be coming back anytime soon cause their desserts are just too sweet for me.

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  1. The hazelnut meringue is supposed to be sweet because the meringe itself is made out of sugar and if there's chocolate involved then it will be sweet unless it's dark chocolate. I'm sure the pistachio truffle wasn't sweet so I dont understand what you would expect while buying those pasteries :S

  2. Maybe because you simply have a different taste in sweets. I am European and the deserts at Amadeus have the look, the sweetness and the "sogginess" that they should have. Most of my friends, and I have a lot, hate the sugary taste, dry to the point of chocking and the blue and pink tongue of the North American cakes. Regarding the Asian sweets, I love the pastries but I don't feel anything when eating the Asian cakes- they simply have no taste for ME. So, I think the ancient saying: "de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum" ("One musn't quarrel about tastes and colours" is very true. I think Amadeus simply does not have not the type of deserts you were looking for.

  3. Too sweet,,? You got pastries and cookies that were sweet. I don't know what you were expecting when you bought those pastries...