Ginza Sushi

Ginza Sushi
1255 Bay Street
Toronto, ON

Amy took me to Ginza for a long over due get together! I've never been to this location but I have been to the one on Young St. This location is pretty small, probably seats about 50 people and it's super modern and minimalistic.

Also super cute because of the pink!

We all know how much I love Japanese food and sushi in particular! We order pretty much everything we wanted cause Amy had this dealfind coupon for $60.

We started off with miso soup and seaweed salad. The miso soup was surprisingly really yummy, not too salty and it also had a hint of sweetness (no picture). How can you ever go wrong with seaweed salad? A must try, I love it!

Then we had shrimp and vegetable tempera. The tempera was average but the tempera sauce was really good, as weird as it sounds I could taste and smell the bonito flakes (linked it for you!) they used in the sauce.

Sashimi platter, super fresh fish!

How could you eat sushi without ordering some rolls?! (Spider roll, Spicy tuna roll & BBQ eel roll)

A;; the rolls were superb! The soft shell crab was well deep-fried and meaty. Usually when I order spicy tuna or salmon roll, they give you all the fish trimmings and chop it all up with the spicy sauce but Ginza gives you a giant piece of tuna with the spicy sauce hidden inside the roll, not too overwhelmingly spicy and very flavourful.
Honestly I'm not a big fan of eel but I gobbled the BBQ eel roll up! DEE-LISH!

After packing all that into my 5'1 frame, we ordered some green tea ice cream to finish off the meal! Amy said it wasn't good but I couldn't tell the difference!

Ginza has multiple locations so give it a try, well priced sushi that taste amazing!

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