Mr Bartley's

Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers
1246 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

AH! I've never had better burgers, they are SO good! They were so good I had to go back another time before I left Boston!
Expect a wait if you plan on going on a weekend but luckily it's cafeteria styled seating so you'll be seated fairly quickly.

The first time I had "THE SKIP GATES" which had teriyaki burger w/ grilled pineapple & onion rings. I wasn't expecting much cause I mean it's just a burger joint. NOPE. I was wrong, it was the best burger I've ever had! The beef patty was so thick and cooked to a perfect medium but I didn't really like the onion rings only because of personal preference, I hate the taste of onions unless they're caramelized. [no picture though :(]

On my second visit I got "THE DICE K" with garlic, teriyaki, and a side of creamy coleslaw. This is definitely not a first date burger. It was still delicious even thought Satya said my breath stank after wards. Did I mention how good the coleslaw was?!


Satya had "THE DEVAL PATRICK" monterey jack cheese, jalapenos, and salsa [minus the salsa for him], with french fries. Mmmmm, the fries were really good! crispy just the way I like them.

Mr. Bartley's is also a MUST go to when you're in Boston.

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