Copa by Sea

230 Adelaide Street West

I cannot speak highly enough about Copa by Sea, I've never been so impressed with the quantity and quality of food and service at a buffet. The concept of the buffet is the same as their upstairs restaurant, Copacabana Brazilian Steak House. There's open concept kitchen that lets you see and smell what the chefs are grilling.

There was an endless amount of crab legs, smoked salmon and shrimp cocktail near the bar area but wait, save room for everything else!


The Good Son

1096 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

Southern Fried Chicken, maple waffles & spicy creme fraiche, $15.


Han Ba Tang

4862 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON 

Han Ba Tang is one of the new restaurants in the Yonge and Sheppard area, they opened up this past May serving up Korean fusion tapas. "Han Ba Tang" means "one full round", weather it's one full round of laughter, food or drinks.

The interior of the space has quite the industrial feel with the bare exposed bricks, scrap metal wall and reclaimed wood pieces. The mismatched chairs and lighting give the space somewhat of a warm, cozy atmosphere.My favourite part was the giant custom Han Ba Tang sign right as you walk in.


Duo Patisserie & Cafe

230 Commerce Valley Drive Unit 4
Markham, ON

Duo Patisserie & Cafe is probably the best new shop to open up in Markham, a great French patisserie. Duo opened up this past October and it hasn't had a lot of media coverage yet, their website is still under construction. The cafe is located on Highway 7 and Leslie Street, super convenient for all us uptown kids.

The interior is super clean and modern, the walls and furniture in all white. You can even look into their kitchen to see their production. The duo behind Duo are Rocky and Eric, two best friends. Eric makes the pastries and Rocky is front of house manning the coffee bar.

Their selection of croissants that day were plain, ham & cheese, honey twist, pain au chcolat and almond, the prices range from $2.50 - $3.50.


Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie [Brunch]

35 Tank House Lane
Toronto, ON

The newest restaurant addition to the Distillery District, Cluny is a French inspired bistro. The interior of the space is gorgeous, a modern Parisian style with patterned floors, loads of textures everywhere and wood accents throughout.  It's clear that Cluny did not spare any expense, I could stay there all day just looking at all the details in the restaurant.

Cluny has an in house bakery that has freshly baked breads, pastries and beautiful plated desserts.
We started off with the complimentary bread basket with homemade jam and butter. During brunch Cluny has a enormous bread & breakfast pastry table in the middle of the restaurant where you or your server can pick out what you want to try.

The first time I was here for lunch I regretted not getting the The Cluny French Onion Soup, French comte, sherry, rich beef broth ($15.00), so I had to get it this time even though it was 11am. The soup did not disappoint and it was everything I was hoping for and more. Piping hot soup with ooey-gooey cheese dripping down the sides of the mini pot. Everything about the soup was perfect.

"Bacon" & Eggs
, Rosemary roasted pork belly, two - 1 hour eggs, brioche toast & tomato jam ($16.00).  The eggs were soft and creamy and how can you have soft egg yolks without toast? The pork belly was on the dry side but the skin was ultra crispy.

Crab Cake Benedict, Two crab cakes, summer greens, & two poached eggs, Proven├žal tomato  ($16.00). This was the favourite dish of the day, how could you not? Crab cakes anything is good in my book. I was totally stuffed after just eating half, I took the rest home, reheated it in the microwave and it was still so good. The fries were even good, thin cut, crispy and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Poached Eggs Florentine, Hollandaise, creamed spinach, Proven├žal tomato ($14.00). This dish was a little lack luster, paying $14 for some spinach, eggs and fries seems a little pricy for the dish. 

What keeps me bring back to Cluny are the fresh breads, pastries and fantastic decor & atmosphere.

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AFT Kitchen and Bar

686 Queen St East
Toronto, ON

Weekends and brunch go hand in hand and it's probably my favourite type of meal. For some reason I feel like I can always indulge when it comes to brunch. I used to work at the East end and I would pass by AFT everyday but never had the chance to try it.

I took my mom here for lunch and we walked in a little past 11am and there were already people ordering. Aft has two different sets of menus; a brunch and dinner menu for the weekends and a separate one for the weekend.

I got the Brisket Hash, slow-smoked beef brisket with shredded potato hash, pan fried with two sunny-side eggs and served with toast. ($15.00)


Kinton Ramen

51 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON

Winter is approaching which also means ramen season is here. I've been hesitant on trying Kinton ramen for a while now because I've heard mixed reviews from a lot of people so I had to try it for myself. Kinton is part of Guu's giant empire in toronto, from opening two izakayas, a high end sushi restaurant, and now their forth ramen joint.

I'm not a ramen connoisseur  but I do have some requirements that I like to mentally check off; 1. the soup has to come to the table piping hot 2. the soup can't be too salty 3. the meat has to be flavourful and tender. I'm not asking for much, right?