Frank's Kitchen

588 College Street
Toronto, ON

My sister and I recently took my mom to Frank's Kitchen for her birthday dinner, my sister visited Frank's a while back and wouldn't stop raving about it. This intimate restaurant is located in Little Italy, they try to make everything from scratch which includes the complimentary bread with tomato & olive spread.

After ordering we received a complimentary amuse bouche, pea volute with creme friache and fresh peas. 

We ordered two appetizers, the first one was the daily special; deep-fried soft shell crab with a light side salad. Perfectly crisp, light in flavour and so summery.


Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

669 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

I haven't written a post in over a month and I wasn't sure if I was going to start again but when my friend Manal took me to Lamesa for my birthday, everything changed, I still rave about how good the food is.
Manal made reservations for their "Hand to Mouth" event that happens every two weeks. Basically you're eating with your hands, there are no utensils but plenty of wet-naps, this style of eating is called "kamayan". The chefs plate the food live in front of you while explaining every sauce and ingredient as it's being beautifully placed on the banana leaf lined table.

The table lined with banana leaf.


Aka Teppan

3235 Highway 7
Markham, ON

The concept behind Aka Teppan is from the infamous Pepper Lunch franchise in East Asia. Meals which consist of either rice or pasta with a protein are served on a sizzling hot plate. Aka Teppan opened up not too long ago in the First Markham restaurant strip and it's already getting a lot of buzz. I read that people are willing to wait over an hour to get their sizzling plate meals! The restaurant is somewhat small, seating around 30 people. Service is fast but the plates don't all come out at once, I watched tables where one diner would finish their entire meal before the other people even got theirs.

Jess and I got the original Steak on Rice, $8.99, it comes with corn, green onions and their special soy sauce mixture.


Canoe Restaurant & Bar

66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON

Canoe is one of my favourite restaurant in Toronto but sadly my wallet doesn't always agree with my dining habits. Licious a great way to try higher end restaurants in the city without breaking the bank. Canoe is located on the 54th floor of the TD bank tower and offers amazing views, prefect for when you're trying to impress someone with great city views and amazing food. The windows wrap around the whole restaurant and the open kitchen makes the whole restaurant larger in size.

We started off with a Sundried Tomato Chickpea Spread with warm bread.


Senbazuru Sushi Bar

9665 Bayview Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON

I had a catch up dinner with my friend, Manal, a few weeks ago. We decided to meet up for dinner at a middle point between our houses and it happened to be Senbazuru. I've been living in Richmond Hill for more then 10 years now but I've never even heard of it (thank goodness for Urbanspoon).

We started off with two Sushi Pizzas, Spicy Salmon and California, both were $9.00. Sushi Pizza is a deep fried rice patty topped with different various toppings. I really liked the spicy salmon, it wasn't overly spicy and the sauce had a slight sweetness to it and the salmon was fresh. I really enjoyed the crispy texture contrast with the soft salmon was so yummy!


Hello Darling

827 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON

Looking for a new brunch joint? Hello Darling opened it's doors the beginning of this year, the interior is quite quaint, friendly and welcoming. I love the simple decor here with the mismatched cups and plates and fresh flowers on each table.

Everyone got either coffee or tea, I opted to get the Rhubarb & Ginger Soda. It was not too sweet and really refreshing, not as much rhubarb flavour as I wanted though.

The menu changes daily with their menu hand written on their black board.

Everything is is made in house and they source their protein from Rowe Farms which is awesome knowing where the products are actually from.

My sister and my boyfriend both got the Huevos Rancheros served with fried eggs, mixed peppers, rice & beans, pico de gallo, avocado, purple slaw and Mexican cheese. This isn't your stereotypical huevos rancheros, super light and healthy version.

Chris got the Apple Cake French Toast,  served with rum raisins, maple syrup and whipped cream (opted out).

My mom got the Eggs Any Style which is served with hash brown, toast, light salad and fruit. No complaints but also nothing very fancy.

I got the Roasted Vegetables with poached eggs, butternut squash, parsnips, sweet potato, fennel, pita za'atar, white bean hummus & kale chips. I really loved my dish, it was healthy, light but also very substantial. All the different textures made up for the lack of meat.

I would highly recommend checking out Hello Darling if you're looking for a vegetarian and vegan friendly meal but also very satisfying for meat eaters alike.
The wait time for food is a little longer than usual but the food and service make up for that.

Hello Darling on Urbanspoon


Ruby Watchco

730 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON

This is my second time coming to Ruby Watchco, you can read about my experience here. I got the chance to come again with some of my old coworkers.

The menu for the night.

We started off with the Smoked Trout Mousse with Dill Lemon Relish with Crostini. This was an add-on to the meal for an extra $16. I wasn't a fan of the mousse by itself but when eaten with the relish and crostini, it was perfect.